Anosia - BLACK BOX

The ASFA BBQ present
Anosia + Thorivos in
"Black Box"
Anosia [Eva Koliopantou & Stefanos Chandelis] + Thorivos
(Entrance Peiraious Street/ Parking)
Friday 2, June 2017, 20:30

“Black Box”
[Anosia (Εva Koliopantou, Stefanos Chandelis) + Τhorivos].
Variable chaotic action / habitation under Noise.
We are going from one field to another running out of thresholds: we constantly migrate, we change a person, as well sex, and we leave as simple as we are born or dying.

Permanence of exception status, The building is roaring!
High intensity field construction and management + 3 free improvisers:
Lia Giannakou, , Giorgos Ethhymiou, Magdalini Kristalinou who
Are required to cope with the challenge of coexistence under Noise -