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Photos by Stella Igglezou

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Photos by Stamatia Zdrali

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Photos by Dimitris Triantafyllou

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Photos by Io Papadopoulou

Live performance of Anosia at Embros Free Theatre, Athens

during "Body and Politics. Event"

Friday, March 28, 2014



Eva Koliopantou, Dimitra Kappa, Stephanos Chandelis


guests: Antonis Vathis, Elderdiery "Didi" Fadul

music: Vago Tedosio


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Complete video (1h)

Critique of the body. Body as a construct, as a memory, intimate body, gendered body, sexless body, anatomy... Void. Objects-Functions that leave their marks through consumption of matter.
Objects, naked body, as white canvas of viewing or adopting identities.
Visual imprint of achievement.
Body wanders in space. The body we have, the body we miss... Objects and subjects diffuse with each other through a spatiotemporal scenography.
When optics is abolished, I should be on the far side of life. With colour we maintain the perception of temporality. Complete discolouration belongs to the territory of death.
I elaborate the complex of logic and random ..
Cockerel lives!